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Status poll:  What color should my Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji mistress OC's hair be?

*light purple
*light teal
Samhein Weaver by LuckyDragonfly
Samhein Weaver
Another Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji OC
Name: Samhein Weaver

Reason or Meaning of Name: Samhein-A variant of the Pagan holiday Samhain on the eve of November (October 31st).  Weaver is the surname given due to her family's hobby of weaving fabric.

Gender: Female

Species: Human/Witch (Mortal) 

Eye Color: orange

Hair Color: Deep vermillion

Theme songs: TBD

Occupation: Witch

Favorite Color: Black, orange, red, green, purple and dark blue.

Favorite Food: Beef roast with squash

Favorite Time of Day: Dusk

Favorite Place: in the woods 

Strengths: Determined, cunning, crafty, is able to hide her true self well

Weaknesses: Hot headed, her rage can cloud her judgement.  This becomes apparent when her secret is found out by Adeline.  

Age: 28

Height: 1.71m (5' 6")

Weight: 57.2kg (126 lbs)
Body Type/Build: slender, a little more curvier than her sister

Hairstyle: she keeps her hair short, usually neck-length.  

Personality: Strong-willed, sly, can be a bit mischievous as she likes to pull pranks.  When her facade is abandoned, she is cold and merciless.  Her emotions think for her causing her to be irrational in action.  

Hobbies: Weaving, She was known to prank Adeline when they were kids.  She became obsessed with paganism and delved into darker arts after Adeline left.  

Fears: that she will be discovered a witch and be unable to avenge her parents death.  

Friends: Adeline

Crushes: N/A

Quotes: TBD

Likes: Playing pranks, casting spells to vent her anger and despair

Dislikes: Famine, disease, 

Mother-- Marie Weaver(Irish decent) (deceased)
Father-- Ernest Weaver (German decent)(deceased)
Sister-- Adeline Weaver 

Samhein is Adeline's sister.  A few years after Adeline moved to England, Samhein immigrated there to bring news of their parents death during the Great Famine.  She was welcomed to say by Adeline's mistress, but she felt suspicious of Samhein.  She would be secretive, and steal away in the middle of the night.  She too began to notice Adeline acting strangely after Samhein had given her a locket.  Concerned, the mistress took the locket one night when Adeline was asleep and asked the Phantomhives for help.  Sebastian then stated he could feel a dark energy radiating from the locket and burned it in the fireplace.  

One night, Adeline was restless and saw a robed figure leave the manor in which she gave chase.  It was then she discovered to her horror that Samhein was a witch and behind the recent killings in town.  Samhein then explained that she became enraged that their parents died, and how she blamed Adeline, for her emotions twisted her thoughts to being Adeline escaped Ireland because she knew of what was going to happen.  That she knew that there was going to be a famine and so she fled away to escape into the lap of luxury.  In an emotional fit, she began attacking Adeline with magic, only to be saved by her mistress as well as Ciel and his butler.  Sebastian and Samhein begin to fight and it was then it was discovered that while in the circle, she can only dodge a minor bit, and if she had both feet off of the circle, her power would weaken significantly.  Once Samhein made this fatal move, Sebastian killed her despite Adeline's protest.  

Base (C) BaseMania <da:thumb id="191427433">
Bio Template (C) BabyRodent Kuroshitsuji OC template
Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler (C) 
 Yana Toboso and FUNimation
Adeline Weaver by LuckyDragonfly
Adeline Weaver
My Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji maid OC.  
Name: Adeline Weaver

Reason or Meaning of Name: Adeline is German for Pleasant; Of the nobility.  Weaver is the surname given due to her family's hobby of weaving fabric.

Gender: Female

Species: Human (Mortal) 

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Saffron yellow

Theme songs: TBD

Occupation: Maid

Favorite Color: Green, Yellow, Brown

Favorite Food: Lamb with Dandelion Greens 

Favorite Time of Day: Mid-morning

Favorite Place: In the town, she can usually be found walking the streets if not in a flower shop.  

Strengths: Obedient, hard working, loyal to her mistress, strong in faith

Weaknesses: Family (this becomes apparent in the 'episode' when her sister visits England and carries a dark secret about how she's occupied herself while Adeline was living with her mistress), Adeline still has her moments of home-sickness, but not as much as when she first became employed.  

Age: 26

Height: 1.71m (5' 6")

Weight: 57.2kg (126 lbs)
Body Type/Build: Willowy, but by no means frail.

Hairstyle: Longish, to the small of her back.  She usually keeps her hair in a braid during the day, and at night lets her hair flow freely.

Personality: Strong-willed, nice, she has a big heart, which allows her to be more compassionate and feel emotions a little more intensely.

Hobbies: Weaving, violin, gardening and cooking

Fears: Fears of being alone, abandonment.  She fears that she will never get to see her home again sometimes.  

Friends: Mey Rin, Finny, her mistress (name TBD), 

Crushes: When her mistress becomes on decent terms with the Phantomhives, Adeline slowly starts developing a crush on Baldroy.

Quotes: TBD

Likes: Sunny days, yellow daisies,  things that reminds her of home

Dislikes: Heat, spicy foods

Mother-- Marie Weaver(Irish decent) (deceased)
Father-- Ernest Weaver (German decent) (deceased)
Sister-- Samhein Weaver 

Adeline is an immigrant from Ireland.  Her mistress sent a letter to her for employment and so she set out to England.  She was quite timid when first arriving and got homesick quite often.  One night, her mistress catches her playing violin in which Adeline quickly put away, worried that she would get in trouble.  However, her mistress asked her to keep playing, loving the music that she was playing.  And from that day on, Adeline grew more at ease in her new home. 

Base (C) Gabys-Bases Catch me ::base::
Bio Template (C) BabyRodent Kuroshitsuji OC template
Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler (C) 
 Yana Toboso and FUNimation
LoL Secret Santa - Beauty and the Beast by LuckyDragonfly
LoL Secret Santa - Beauty and the Beast
I volunteered to be :iconsphinxling: surrogate secret santa for :iconleagueoflegends: Secret Santa event.  
I hope you like it~ ^_^


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Hello and welcome to my page!

I like anime (though admittedly doesn't watch as much as she'd want to), reading, drawing, listening to music and gardening. Most of all, I love writing! Whether it be original works or fanfiction, I don't care.

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